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Blog by Lavanya Kodishala 01Mar2020

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

When I heard about eYogi Gurukul I really liked the sound of it , and  wanted to know about what they were teaching there.

I had attended the Open day of Yogi Gurukul and it made me really happy that they were doing something like this in Dublin! I felt that my kids would be lucky to learn in Yogi Gurukul

I have attended 3 classes along with my children, and  I too learnt new things about Hinduism,and the great people of ancient India.

I love the style of teaching here, and the children are really enjoying while also learning.

They are reciting slokas, learning about the  Bhagavad Gita and the children questions are being answered in a way that is very easy to understand.

Guruji and the team behind "eYogiGurukul" are truly amazing.

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