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Blog by Niyati Meda 04Mar2020

Hi, my name is Niyati and I am attending eYogi Gurukul Intermediate 201 course.

First, we always start off with reciting a mantra (asatoma sadgamaya), to spread a positive atmosphere throughout the room and then we start the class.

On the first class we learnt about great Indian scientists such as Baudhyan, bramhagupta and Kanad. Then we listened to a story about a fool who turned out to be one of the greatest poets in Sanskrit named as Kalidas.

Then we had a 20-minute break to relax we got a bag of yummy goodies!

In class 2 we learnt about some more scientists such as Nagarjuna.

We learnt some mantras like:

· Gayathri mantra

· Ganesha mantra

· The 10 Upanishads

· Vishnu mantra

We also learnt the significance of the number 108:

· 108 Earth fit in the distance between the Earth and Moon ,

· 108 Suns fit between the Earth and Sun and

· 108 Earths fit inside the sun

I was surprised to know that Indians figured that out so long ago!

In class 3 we learnt about the epic Mahabharat. There was a king Pandu who had 5 sons: Arjun , Bheem, Sahdhev, Yudhistir and Nakul. And they had to fight with their 100 cousins who were jealous of the 5 because of their skill they were also doing bad things.

In the middle of war, Arjun told Krishna (the supreme Godhead) that he was confused why he had to kill his dear ones. And that is where the epic Bhagavad Gita started which was the conversation between both of them which finally made the Pandavs (5 brothers) win! We finished with another mantra (Sahana bavatu).

Guruji and the staff are totally amazing!

I really enjoy Eyogi Gurkul!

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