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Haridwar - The Hindu Pilgrimage by Roshil Bhan 05Mar2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

My Journey to Haridwar the Hindu Pilgrimage


Hello my name is Roshil. I am narrating you about my journey to Haridwar the holy place in India.

Delhi to Haridwar Trip

So, we started our trip from my uncle’s house. In Gurgaon, it was about A five and a-half-hour drive

We reached Rishikesh. On the way there we had food and saw a lot of animals, and sugarcane farms.

Bathing in the Holy River Ganga

When we reached, we had milk and had a bath in Ganga. The water was cold, but it was a nice feeling. There was an idol of lord Shiva, we did pooja and offered flowers on the leave with a lit lamp. It floated away, I also saw hundreds of more people were offering these lit lamps on the leave dish. It was looking like a hundreds of star lighting on the river ganga, there were 21 pandits standing on the table. I was told that by one of the pandits that in Banaras the pooja is done in the same way and time. It was like a performance where all the pandits were dressed in the same costume dhoti kurta and they lit the Arti at the same time, pandits started offering their prayer in Sanskrit sloka on the bank of the holy ganga river.

Neelkanth Mahadev Visit

We left Rishikesh and went to Neelkanth, the oldest temple of lord Shiva. It was a temple on a mountain! When we drove up, we did pooja and I bought a conch shell. Then we drove all the way back down the mountain

Har Ki Pauri Ghat Visit

So, we left Neel kanth and drove to Har Ki Pauri. This is the most famous ghat of Haridwar. At Har Ki Pauri, there was a place to have a dip in ganga, again it was cold. I even saw fish in the river.

My fun with Shankh (Conch-Shell)

In the progress I learned how to blow the conch shell- “Making a pleasant sound”.

I have also read in the holy books where it says once Krishna also begun the Mahabharata by blowing the conch shell, I also have seen in most of the prayers, we blow conch shell. It makes very pleasant sounds.

I learned that in our 2ndbatch of Hinduism 101 course of eYogi Gurukul, the science behind blowing conch-shell or Shankh is explained. It is said that blowing the trumpet gets rid of negative energy and brings prosperity. The vibrations destroy the disease-causing germs in the atmosphere. That is the reason it has an important place in Ayurveda and medicine. Blowing Shankh helps people with lungs, heart and breathing problems. It also helps in people with speech disability.

Final thoughts

I really liked the trip. It was fun learning as I learn new things about holy Ganga and how to offer the prayers in our Hindu religion. I have also learned that how people believe on the holy Ganga and while taking a dip into Ganga people clear their mind and soul.

I would like to blow once at eYogi class in front of my classmates and Teacher, please visit these holy places they give you sense of pureness.

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