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Blog by Shivam Gupta 27JAN2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

In Hinduism 101 course I learned a lot about Hinduism a lot of facts I didn’t know about my religion. I learned a lot about the history of all the text we had and some mantras too. We also did the Nitya Pooja once in class. In the end, we had a quiz. Then I was looking forward to Hinduism 202 course which started in Jan 2020.

The first class of 201 started with the national anthem of Ireland and India. After that we listened to a story about Kalidas this was about him being dumb or stupid at first. However, learning or realising that he could train his mind hold great potential and now we know him as a great poet too.

Afterwards, we learned about Hindu scientists that discovered important laws, theorems and many more. I am writing a brief summary of famous scientists below.

· A scientist Baudhyan discovered the Baudhyan theorem which was the Pythagoras theorem. However, this was discovered way before it though not a lot of credit or recognition goes towards it these days.

· Bhramgupta another mathematician he introduced the negative numbers and the zero. His work was then transferred in the Arabic numeral system which the Arabs took and we use it today.

· Kanad was a great physicist he discovered the atomic structure that we use today. Neils Bohr (who is credited for this discovery) himself took inspiration from Upanishads. He said I go to Upanishads to get answers. Fun fact Kands name itself translates to a particle.

· Susruta was a great surgeon or plastic surgeon. He restored limbs or more particularly noses that were cut off by the king as a punishment. He also created 101 instruments that you should use in surgery.

· Aryabhata was a great astronomer and mathematician he explained in a lot of detail how the earth revolves solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. He also calculated the value of pi at 3.1416.

There was a 20-minute break after all this we were given a goodie bag and relaxed for a bit. Afterwards, we watched a clip from the “Karate kid” movie it showed us that even if we find something boring or something not useful at the start it may help us in the long run.

We also learned about why we find gods such Vishnu Shiva, Rama etc in the colour blue. We learned that this happens because of their holiness or their strength or because of their intelligence a blue aura surrounds them. In Lord Shiva’s case, he also drank the most deadly poison in the world but lords Shiva’s wife Parvathi holds the poison from going down. This poison is now stuck or stays there forever.

In this class, I learned a lot and now I am looking forward to learning about the new multiplication technique of Vedic math and much more that Guruji hinted towards our learning.

Thanks for reading my post be ready for the next one!

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