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Blog by Sanjana Kodishala 29Feb2020

I have been attending eYogi Gurukal for three weeks, and I have already learnt so much, and also made new friends!

In our first class, we learnt about how Hinduism isn’t just a religion, it is a science and a way of living.

We learnt about the great minds of ancient India that helped shape our world-from scientists like Ayabhatta that explained eclipses, mathematician like Baudhayan who discovered Pi(π) and doctors like Susruta that invented plastic surgery.

It amazed me how advanced the ancient Indians were, and how long ago these achievements were made - more than 7000 years ago!

Along with learning that, we also recited slokas, learnt little bit about Sanskrit, our traditions and more fascinating discoveries made by ancient Indians.

Our third class was a little different, we started learning about the Bhagvad Gita . The Bhagvad Gita is a guide to living and has so much philosophical wisdom. It is 7570 years old.

Our Guruji used the book to answer some big questions we all have in life, like how to stop worrying.

He told us to imagine that our mind is like a flame, and the air around it like our thoughts. If the air keeps moving, the flame starts to flicker and becomes unsteady. The same way, if our mind keeps worrying about the past and the future, your mind will be unsteady. Instead, if the air doesn’t keep moving, the flame is still. And the same way, if our minds aren’t worrying too much about the past or future, and we live in the present, our minds are calm and steady.

This was one of the things we learnt from the Bhagvad Gita.

I love that in eYogi Gurukul, you don’t just learn about Hinduism as a religion but its spirituality and Science. You learn about our culture and traditions, philosophy, our roots and the amazing ancient Indians and their achievements.

We learn so many new and interesting things in these classes in a fun way, and I really enjoy it.

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