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Ganesha Chaturthi by Shanvi Singh

Hello and welcome to my Video Blog, Today I will be talking about Ganesha Chaturthi.

Ganesha Chaturthi, or Vinayaka Chaturthi, is Lord Ganesha's birthday, which is around August to September.

This year, Ganesha Chaturthi will be on the 22nd August, and continues for the next 10 - 11 days. On the first day of Ganesha Chaturthi an idol of him is brought to a house, temple or Pandal, where he is worshipped for the next 10 - 11 days. On the last day, his idol is immersed into water, (since abandoning or damaging it woud be disrespectful), breaking down to its original form.

Ganesha was born when Goddess Parvati sculpted him from earth, clay or tumeric powder, and brought him to life. One day, when Ganesha was guarding the door of her palace, he didn't let Shiva enter. In his anger, unknowingly Shiva beheaded him. When Shiva found out Ganesha is his son, he sent his guards bring him the first beast's head in sight. With his new head, he was revived.

According to a folklore, one should not see the moon on Ganesha Chaturthi as it's seen as misfortune and bad luck. This is because many years ago, the moon offended Ganesha, so he put a curse on the moon.

Thank You for listening, and I hope you enjoyed.

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