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Gita by Savar Mehta

Hi, my name is Savar and I am 12 years old. Today I will be telling some facts about Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tries to tell Duryodhana about Bhagavad Gita but Duryodhana reply was that he could make wrong or right decisions himself, Arjuna wasn’t the only one that heard Bhagavad Gita was also heard by Hanuman, Sanjaya and Barbarik all of them were listening to Krishna at the time. 

Bhagavad Gita is about a person called Arjuna who is in middle of a war and is confused, his confusion was that should he kill his cousins even though they have done bad deeds. Arjuna had questions which were answered by Lord Krishna, who also teaches Arjuna. The body is temporary, but the soul is permanent, Lord Krishna then gives an example “the human body is like clothes when clothes get worn out we dispose them and wear new clothes similarly when your body dies your soul goes to a different body. 

Lord Krishna says always remain calm and never get angry, and you should never doubt yourself lots of people lead unhappy lives because of doubt. He also said you should never fear, the thing that humans fear the most is death, never run away from your duties. When you fail you shouldn’t be too sad about it and when you succeed you shouldn’t be too happy about it by not being very happy when you succeed you will have strength to fight when you fail. You should always focus on one thing when you finish that the go on to the next thing and whenever your mind thinks about something you must bring it back those that are perfect at doing this they lead happy lives people with uncontrolled mind face difficulties in life. 

Lots of people do a lot less than they could but are not able to because of pleasure or pain. Overcome desires, if you want to learn about the mind, heart and soul you will have to overcome desires. So far, we have done 5 classes and its fun doing experiments and learning about stuff like Yoga and Bhagavad Gita. I hope you like my blog and find it useful.

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