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Hinduism and Corona Virus - by Krishang Bhardwaj

Today I am here to tell you about how science based preventive measures of Hinduism help us to prevent epidemic like corona virus.

In an epidemic like corona virus which spreads via contacts, it becomes critical to cremate the bodies. That is why cremation was part of Hinduism from thousands of years. Today scientists are recommending cremation of the people who unfortunately died due to this epidemic.

When we come back from cremation ground, it is a practice in Hinduism to take a bath immediately. In ancient time people died with various types of diseases and many times people did not know so by taking a bath and washing all clothes reduces risk of the spread of virus if happens to be the cause of the death.

The family of corona virus is caused by eating wild animals like bat. Hinduism promotes vegetarianism. So, we could have avoided if we had either limited our diet to vegetarian food or to selected non-vegetarian food and not wild animals. The other fact is that those who live on vegetarian diet like fruit, vegetables natural proteins and grains have strong immune system and will have less chance of catching these viruses.

Today pollution is a major issue causing global warming which comes from excessive exploitation of natural resources. Hinduism promotes living on less and milking mother earth for the essential needs.

Like this there are many more practices of Hinduism which helps in preventing epidemics like Corona virus.

Thank you for reading my thoughts

Namaste 🙏

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