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Hummingbird and Us

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Story of Hummingbird

Raj Joshi


Once there was a fire in the Jungle. Everyone start running for their life. A small hummingbird decided to put off the fire. She used to go to the nearby lake and fill water in her little beak then throw on the fire. The chameleon watching her asked her a question. Why is she wasting her efforts? How come she can put off the blazing fire of Jungle with few drops of the water. She answered following.

Five Messages of Hummingbird:

  1. I am not a coward like others who will run for their life. Even if I lose my wings or my life, it will be worth a sacrifice.

  2. If there will be a count of who was on which side then - my name will be among those who were trying to save the Jungle, not trying to burn the Jungle.

  3. I am doing "What I am capable of." This is my Karma.

  4. I owe this to the Jungle, which made me, my family, and my home. This Jungle is everything to me.

  5. I am also giving a message to all those who believe it is impossible to put off this fire that we will survive and revive our livelihood if all work together.

5 Messages for the Gurukul Members:

  1. We are also not just talkers but doing something. We are bold and strong in our approach. We are not running away from things.

  2. We will also register our names among those who are putting their efforts to save Sanatana Dharma.

  3. We are doing more than what we are capable of.

  4. We owe this to the great culture we are born to, which has given us everything.

  5. The message is clear to all - we, the people with family, job, and other responsibilities can build an organization that will last for hundreds of years. We are reviving the Sanatana Dharma that is key to peace, prosperity and control of mind.

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