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SITA Mata by Aashi Patle

Sita is one of the main characters and central figures of the Hindu Epic, Ramayan and its other versions. In the Hindu Epic she is described as the daughter of the Earth goddess, Bhumi Devi or also known as Prithvi. Sita is said to have been discovered in a furrow in a ploughed field ( and for that reason she is regarded as the daughter of the Earth goddess, Bhumi Devi. ) She was discovered, adopted and brought up by Janaka, the king of Mithila and his wife, Sunaina and she also had a younger sister, Urmila. When Sita got older, Janaka, her father organised a Swayamvara with the condition that Sita would only marry the person who would be able to string the Pinaka, the bow of Lord Shiva. Janaka knew this was near impossible, thus Janaka wanted to find the ideal husband for Sita. At that time, Vishvamitra had brought Rama, the prince of Ayodha, and his brother Lakshamana to the forest for protection of sacrifice. Vishvamitra then heard about the Swayamvara and asks Rama to participate. Rama accepts it and Vishvamitra then takes Rama and Lakshamana to the palace of Janaka. Janaka was pleased that the sons of Dasharatha were there to participate. The next morning, in the palace of Janaka, Rama lifts up the bow of Lord Shiva with his left hand, fastens the string and accidently breaks the bow in the process. Rama still fulfils Janaka’s condition to marry Sita, thus Rama then marries Sita. Some time after the marrige, Rama’s stepmother forces Dasharatha to make Bharata King and forced Rama to leave Ayodha and spend a period of exile for 14 years in the forest and Sita and Lakshamana willingly join Rama in his exile. One day when Rama was away fetching a golden deer to please Sita, Sita was abducted by Ravana, King of Lanka, disguised as a merchant. Ravana took Sita to his kingdom in Lanka where he kept her imprisoned in his palace. During her captivity in Lanka, Ravana tried to show his desire for her but Sita refused instantly, hoping Rama would come get her. Rama sent Hanuman to find Sita, he crossed many sea’s, and eventually found her in Ashok Vatika. Sita gave Hanuman her ring and asked Hanuman to give it to Rama.  Sita finally got rescued by Rama, who waged a war to defeat Ravana with the help of Lakshamana, Hanuman and his entire monkey army. After the 14 years of exile Sita, Rama and Lakshamana finally return to their home, Ayodha. In celebration for their return, the whole kingdom was lit up by diyas and lanterns. For this great occasion Diwali is celebrated.

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