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The Beginning

Hello My name is Neil Kumar. I am six years old.

I love playing with my big sister Navya and I like to attend all eYogi Gurukul classes. I have so far done the 101 course last year in January with my sister and other children. I enjoyed it lot.

I have been going to some of the 201 courses to keep an eye on all my senior kids 😊. I am joking, I go there as a guest as my sister is in 201 class and I love doing the class quizzes with my sister.

I listen to the mantras carefully in the classes and at home when my sister is practicing with my mom. I remember it in my mind and then I sing it at home and surprise my mom.

I know around 20-25 mantras and want to learn more. These days I am learning to sing Nirvana Shatakam. I say all the mantras before bedtime, and I am looking forward for my classes to start soon. And I am looking forward to learning more about Hinduism.

Thank you all for reading my blog about my experience of the classes.

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