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Hinduism Mantra Basics 102 Course


Course Goals and Objectives

The Hinduism Mantra Basics 102 Course, is an introductory course for learning Mantra, Sloka, Stotram, Aarati and stories. 

  • To develop rendering of 20-40 Mantras and Slokas.

  • To develop rendering of Storta and Stutis.

  • To develop rendering of Aartis.

  • To develop the ability to perform daily puja at home.

  • To develop group recitation of Mantras, Slokas, Stotram and Aaratis


  • 10 Weeks Course taught by professional Gurus. 

  • 8 years plus age.

  • Prerequisite to advance courses of Mantra Gurukul.


Mantra Challenge

These are additional Mantras that can be learned by kids.

  1. Bilvashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम्

  • A stotram which is a set of 8 shlokas is an Ashtakam.

  • Bilvashtakam is an ashtakam written by Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya. 

  • It talks about how dear Bilva leaf is to Lord shiva and the benefits of performing puja to the lord with bilva / bel / vilva leaves.

  • The Bilva leaf is trifoliate which comes in threes.

  • The three leaves signify Trimurti, the three eyes of Lord Shiva, the 3 qualities Sattva, Rajas and Tamas .

Stotram Text Link: Bilvashtakam बिल्वाष्टकम्

Stotram Audio Link:











Class#10 Graduation Day

  • Class Work

    • Review of Course

    • Message to Students

    • Next Course announcement and enrollment

    • Best Poster Award

    • Best Video Award

    • Best Quiz Award

    • Graduation Ceremony

    • Certificate issued

Our Mission
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