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Vedic Research and Scholarship Program (VRSP)

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eYogi Gurukul offers Vedic Research and Scholarship Program (VSRP) where individuals or groups are invited to participate in Vedic research studies.


Program Objectives

The program has following objectives.

  • Provide help and support to all those who are interested in Vedic research and studies

  • Encourage research on Vedic history and Vedic scriptures

  • Promote abstract, articles, book and research paper writings

  • Develop courses, lectures, videos, presentations and exhibitions to encourage shared learnings

  • Connect dots with modern science

  • Promote integration, diversity and cultural engagement with all sections of society


Vedic Research Areas/Topics

Vedic research is available and not limited to following areas.

  • Veda

  • Puran (18 Mahapuran, 18 Upa Puran and other Puran text)

  • Itihas texts (Ramayan and Mahabharat)

  • Vedic Mathematics

  • Vedic Physics

  • Vedic Cosmology

  • Vedic Astrology

  • Ayurveda

  • Translation of other texts into English and other languages

  • Hindu Festivals

  • Sanskrit Course Development

Scholarship Program

  • eYogi Gurukul will connect interested individuals to the relevant courses, universities, schools and Gurukuls across the globe.

  • Entire course fees including books will be paid by eYogi Gurukul subject to availability of sponsors



  • Follow your passion and become a content expert on the selected course/topic

  • eYogi Gurukul will upload your YouTube lectures in its Facebook, YouTube account and world will know your name

  • Become an author of the book, course and lecture

  • eYogi Gurukul will provide you a platform where you can share your knowledge to wider audience and get recognition from the community



  • Complete the assigned course

  • Develop a customize course, lecture, presentation, quiz, etc. on the undertaken course

  • Be available to deliver one course per year to eYogi Gurukul students and audience

  • Be available to deliver lecture on demand



If you are interested, then contact


Current Programs:

  1. Natyashastra – History of Indian Music and Dance

  2. Vedic Mathematics

  3. Rigveda

  4. Hinduism Elementary Course 001 development

  5. Ramayana Lecture Series

 Vedic Research Scholars of eYogi Gurukul


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