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Registered Charity: 20205851

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The Custodian of Sanatana Dharma - Raja Krishnadevrai of Vijaynagar Empire

When people with influence and money follow Dharma, the likes of Vijaynagar empire is built. Krishnadevaraya (1471AD-1529AD), the most powerful ruler of the Vijayanagar empire became the custodian of Indian culture and values. He was a poet, writer, yogi, warrior, and linguist with proficiency in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, and many more languages. He built thousands of shrines, wrote Hindu scriptures, and promoted ancient values in entire India and particularly in South India. Much of the Hindu culture, temples, shrines, and other monuments that we see today are because of his valor, fight against invaders, and becoming custodian of Indian culture.

The Custodian of Sanatana Dharma Education - eYogi Gurukul

eYogi Gurukul is a charitable organization. Our organization is entirely funded by community and eYogi Gurukul members. We use this money towards delivering courses, day to day expenditure of the organization, and building eYogi Gurukul center in the future. None of the members, including official stakeholders, directors, can receive any monetary benefit from the organization. All collected funds go towards the organization and fulfilling its goals. We have a transparent and robust system for finance, documentation, and record-keeping, including audits. All expenditures are recorded, every receipt is stored, and the master database is maintained. We have an audit management system. The annual audit report can be made available to members on request.



If you would like to promote the Science and Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, and ancient Indian knowledge then become a proud sponsor of eYogi Gurukul and donate one time or regularly by setting up a direct debit of any amount you like.

We receive money via methods such as; Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, etc. We prefer bank transfer method.


One-time donation:

You can donate money as a one-time donation using the above methods.

Regular Contributions:

We encourage donations regularly via a direct debit method. Please use the below account number for transferring funds. When transferring, please type your name in the description.

Registered Charity Number: 20205851

Account Name: eYogi Gurukul

Bank: AIB Ireland

IBAN: IE92AIBK93123324399060


Account Number: 24399060

NSC: 931233

If you have any technical issues, then contact our Financial Directors listed below under Contact Details section.

Finance Directors: Dilip Kathuria and Kuldeep Rawat E-mail:


If you would like to get involved with the eYogi Centre development and become part of the core-committee, then contact the President or Secretary, E-mail

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