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Bhagwan Parshuram - VBlog by Divyaansh Bhardwaj

Parshuram - Ram with an Axe.

Parshuram the Bhram Kshatriya

The only immortal incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.

The sixth incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu from his Das Avtar.

Parshuram is the teacher of all Bharadwaj (Kul-Guru). That makes him my Kul-Guru as well.

He also taught Bhishma, Guru Drona and Karna. He will also teach Kalki - the 10th Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnus when he will come.

Parshuram is the inventor of Kalirapattu the mother of all martial arts even Kung-Fu and kick boxing.

Parshuram was born in Dwapar yuga on the 3rd day of Shukla paksha of Vaisakh month of Hindu lunar calendar which normally came in April. He was named Ram-Bhadra. Ram in short. Shiva gave him his Axe (Parshu) for being a great student and after that Ram became ParshuRam.

His father is one of the Saptarishi (the Great 7 sages ) named Jamadagni and his mothers name is Renuka.

Rishi Jamadagni, the father of Lord Parashuram had a divine cow gifted by Lord Indira called Surabhi (Kamadhenu's daughter) which gives all one may desire, which could feed any number of people with delicious food within seconds. A king named Kartavirya Arjuna learned about it and wished to possess it. He asked Jamadagni to give it to him, but the sage refused. While Parashuram was away from the hut, the Kshatriya king Kartavirya stole the cow from his hermitage. Parshuram killed Kartavirya Arjuna to rescue the cow. In order to take revenge, King Kartavirya’s son killed Jamadagni. During those days, the Kshatriyas were becoming atrocious. Therefore, Parashuram took a vow to destroy the evil-minded kings of his time to restore peace on the earth and kept roaming with his axe to slaughter the unlawful ones on the way. Parashuram is most known for ridding the world of kshatriyas twenty-one times.

After all that he went to Mahendragiri Mountain in Orissa and they say he still live there. When the time will come he will teach Kalki.

I remember one more story about Parshuram and Ganesha.

Once Parshuram went to mount Kailash to meet Lord Shiva but he was stopped by Ganesha. After a long talk then argument then fight Parshuram threw his Axe on Ganesha. Ganesha knew that the axe was given to him by his father so he took the hit on his tusk and since then he (Ganesha) got the name Ekdant (One Tooth or Tusk). Later he gave him his divine axe back with blessings.

Parshuram Bhagwaan ki Jay! 🙏🙏

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