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King Muchukunda by Roshil Bhan

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


Namaste my name is Roshil Bhan today I am going to tell you about the history of king Muchukunda and lord Krishna. This story can also be found in Srimad Bhagavad Purana. King Muchukunda has slept logest in this world for approximately 4 million years. Actually I should say that he is the god of sleeping disorder. If you have any problems sleeping, just keep reciting muchukunda and you will easily fall asleep. King Muchukunda ruled the world during satyug. King Muchukunda was the ancestor of lord Ram

Battle With The Asuras

Once in a battle, the devas were defeated by the asuras tormented by arrows. They asked King Muchukunda for help and he agreed to help them. Since the devas did not have an able commander, king muchukunda protected them for a long time. So when the devas got an able commander like kartikeya the son of Shiva Indra said to the King O king you helped us so much by sacrificing your kingdom and family life there is no sign of your kingdom or family because of the passage of time. I can offer you one boon except moksha. King Muchukunda wanted to sleep and whoever woke him up would be burnt to ashes so be it says Indra go to earth and enjoy sleep. King Muchukunda finds a cave to sleep in He sleeps through treta yug into the middle of dwapar yug

Kalyavans Death

Kalayavan was undefeated and unmatched in battle due to a boon but he was also merciless and cruel. He finds out only krishna accepting this challenge he sets of to attack krishnas city mathura when the two armies face each other in battle Krishna gets out of his chariot and runs toward the cave and goes inside.It is very dark and Kalyavan sees someone he thinks it is Krishna so he kicks him. This was King Muchukunda so he woke up and kalyavan gets burnt to ashes When King Muchukunda comes out of the cave he sees Lord Krishna and krishna tells him how to attain moksha and tells him to go to do it so he goes To do it so he finds a place and attains moksha


King Muchukunda teaches us his selfless service to mankind and humanity. Aparagan of warfare of holding the fort when the gods themselves could not

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