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Mundan Sanskar by Dev Naga

Hi, my name is Dev, I am 13 years old. I joined eYogi Gurukul in 2019 and completed 101 courses with my friends.

I would love to tell you about one of the most important Sanskaar of a Hinduism called MUNDAN or CHUDAKARM SANSKAAR which means first haircut.

My little brother Shrey had his Mundan last year in May, which was so much fun with family and friends.

What is Mundan?

Act of shaving baby's first hair on the head. It is the eighth of the sixteen Hindu Saṃskaras

When? As per the Hindu calendar and the child's astrological horoscope or Janampatri - set by the priest.


It is believed that it gets rid of any past life karma or negativity.

What Age?

It is believed that Mundan at the tender age of one or three, ensures healthy hair growth for the child.

Scientific Reason:

When children are teething, they tend to suffer from headaches. The shaving ritual is believed to reduce this pain.


The priest sets up a havan or pooja on the set date and time. While some families prefer to celebrate the ceremony at home, others prefer to go to a temple or shrine to do it.


Ceremony starts with Satyanarayan Kath in which we invite all God and Goddesses and request them to bless the child, family and friends. We then tied Shrey hairs with betel nut in 5 sections. The priest (Pandit ji) chants sacred hymns and shaves off a part of the child’s hair.

The sacred hymn is also called “mundan sanskar mantra“. The mother is seated in front of the holy pyre with the child in her lap.

The child’s head is then washed with holy water given by the priest, which is also called “Gangaajal“. The water is believed to help in soothing and healing the head.

Finally, the shaved off hair is offered to the Gods or is given away by other means, whichever is suggested by the priest.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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