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Hello everybody my name is Amrith Sathya. I am here to talk about Tamil New Year. It is also known as Puthandu or Pudhu Varusham. It is the first day of year on the Tamil Calendar and traditionally celebrated as a festival.

This festival was mentioned in early Tamil epics such as Tholkapiyam and Silappadikaram etc.

This festival falls on the tamil month of “Chittirai”. The tamil new year follows the spring equinox and generally falls on 14th April every year.

It is widely celebrated all over Tamilnadu. The same date is observed as traditional new year in many states in India. It is celebrated by many Hindus who settled in Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand etc.,

The families visit each other and they enjoy a family feast together. A special dish called Mangai Pachadi made of Mango and sweet jaggery is served to everybody. They meet their cousins, relatives etc. Some special religious events are held in Hindu temples and in Tamil community centers.

They do present a tray of fruit, flowers, jewellery and coins are offered to God. They decorate the house with kolam and lit lamp to the God. The lamp denotes symbol of knowledge and get rid of darkness in the mind and life.

The tamil calendar follows a sixty-year cycle in which the new year begins in the month of April. Every tamil new year has its own name. The current sixty-year cycle started in 1987 and will end in 2047.

The main reason to celebrate Tamil new year is leaving behind of all the problems that might have arised the year before and hopes that this coming year is your best year yet.

I hope you enjoy my video blog about Tamil New Year.


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