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“Focus on the present, not the past or future”

Concentrating on one thing is always difficult. Yoga is the type of body & mind exercise that can help in gaining.

There are four types of yoga which are

1. Karma Yoga

2. Bhakti Yoga

3. Dhyana Yoga

4. Jnana Yoga

There are eight steps to reach the actual Yoga which are 1) Yama 2) Niyama 3) Asana 4) Pranayama, 5) Pratyahar 6) Dharana 7) Dhyana and 8) Samadhi.

Every session is new learning and I’m enjoying eYogi Gurukul a lot, you know why?

I’ll give an example about my learnings. It was “HOLI” (festival of colours) on the Tuesday 10th March, and I went to school with a tika (tilak) on my forehead as we played small Holi in morning with my mom, dad and little sister at home. My friends were asking what is on my forehead and why. I explained to them the significant of tika (tilak) and why we celebrate festival of colours and I was confident while explaining to them all and this all was possible with the help of my learnings from e-Yogi Gurukul. As part of our learning journey we must do self-learning by doing poster and video presentation, and I must say it’s not merely knowledge we get, its real meaning life we are been taught to live our future in cultured way.

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