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Kalidas by Angelina

I am Angelina and I am 10 Yr old, on the first week of Eyogi gurukul I was a little confused, I understood most of it tough.

We first learnt about how Hinduism is based on science. This was a nice topic to start with, we also learned how Hinduism is one of the oldest religions (15000 plus year). I also liked the fact that simple and short stories were used during the class to make it more interesting and memorable for e.g. we were told a story about a man whose name was Kalidas, he was asked to compete with the princess who was very smart and even though Kalidas was not so smart he managed to answer all the questions with help of other people who were translating on his behalf and they got married and Kalidas explained how he had outsmarted her and was kicked out of the palace that minute. Kalidas was sad and sat down near a river and saw how the river making marks on the rock. After he thought if water can make mark on rock by passing on it again and again than he could also put his mind to study and with repeated practice he could learn anything. The main learning for me was that if I keep practicing, I can learn a lot.

Another good story was around how we should not keep negative thoughts in our mind similar to how we will never keep garbage given by others inside our house.

eYogi Gurukul has very good learnings and if you follow these you will have a very peaceful life. I want to thank the eYogi Gurukul team and Guruji for taking time to teach us.

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