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Alphabets by Suhana

My name is Suhana I am a student of E yogi gurukul 201 my age is 9. I started eYogi Gurukul in 2019. I have learned so many things about Hinduism. I felt peaceful chanting mantras like

· Tvameva mata Ca pita mantra

· Rama mantra

· Shiva mantra

· OM sahana vavatu shanti mantra

· Vishnu mantra

· Shuddhi mantra

· Shantia mantra

I also learned about Vedic maths it really helps in my studies in my recent class I learned about 4 yogic paths like

· Karma yoga means actions

· Bhakti yoga means devotion or love

· Dhyana yoga means meditations

· Gyana yoga means knowledge of wisdom

I also learned Hindi alphabet

ka kha ga gha na

ca cha ja jha na

ta tha da dha na

ta tha da dha na

pa pha ba bha ma

ya ra la va sa sa sa ha

eYogi Gurukul is helping us to understand Bhagavad Gita and its concepts. I have also learned som much about Vedas and ancient Indian discoveries. I am looking forward to learning more about our roots.

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