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Blog by Arsh Dubey 03Mar2020

It is said it brings good luck to you or your house if you have a Bhagavad Gita”.

The “Bhagavad Gita” great Indian epic was the topic for my third and fourth class of e-Yogi Gurukul. Our guru ji (teacher) explained the topic very precisely and created lots of interest in me to learn more about the great Indian epic. He also mentioned that we should have a small Bhagavad Gita book in our pocket so that whenever we have trouble with making decision, we can take it out and read it. It would help us to make good decision.

We learne a lord Vishnu’s mantra:

Shaanta-Aakaaram Bhujaga-Shayanam Padma-Naabham Sura-Iisham Vishva-Aadhaaram Gagana-Sadrsham Megha-Varnnam Shubha-Anggam| Lakssmii-Kaantam Kamala-Nayanam Yogibhir-Dhyaana-Gamyam Vande Vissnnum Bhava-Bhaya-Haram Sarva-Loka-Eka-Naatham ||

We also learned about Vishnu Dashavatara as Matsya (Fish), Kurma(Tortoise), Varaha(Boar), Narasimha(half-man/half-lion), Vamana(Dwarf), Parashurama(warrior with axe), Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Kalki.

Our guruji also talked about Yoga, Indian Ancient music and sage Ramana Maharshi. All students were very excited to learn more and had lots of questions. Guruji was answering them with proper explanations and examples.

In every class, students are awarded with chocolates for asking genuine questions or doubts. I was awarded twice for doing my second- and third-class homework quiz in the least time among all students.

Well, that is my 3rd blog and stay tuned to my future ones.

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