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Blog by Aryan Srivastava 01Mar2020

Today In Eyogi Gurukul class we learned a ton of stuff about Hinduism. Like we learned about Vedic Maths and it really comes in handy with your studies because I hope you do an equation in under five seconds. We also learned about why Hindus do not eat beef. eYogi Gurukul helped me to understand my religion a lot more and it was really helpful because before my friend used to ask me why Hindus do not eat beef and why do you do pray to so many God. They asked me a lot of questions which I did not know the answer to but since I’ve been in eYogi Gurukul I’ve been able to answer all of the questions that they asked me and I learnt lot more about my religion and it come helpful in my daily life.

It is really fun that we learn a lot of different mantras.

We learnt about five outstanding scientist. I was surprised to learn that Patanjali was the father of yoga. Varahamirha wrote a book called a Brhat Samhita . The 32nd chapter of his book is devoted to signs of earthquakes he said that you can predict when earthquakes are going to occur just by paying attention to cloud and an animal behavior.  He also discovered that there was water on Mars he did it all in first century BC. Is not that amazing!

We also learnt about Sanskrit which is the most ancient and more scientific language of this world Sanskrit script is the mother of all Indian and many foreign languages. Each alphabet had it fixed position on its origin in the human body which is pretty cool!

We also learned about Bhagavad Gita. We learnt about Arjuna's Dilemma in that we learned that he had to kill his own cousins as they had doe really bad deeds.  He was confused and did not know what to do. Krishna told him you’re only going to kill the bad out of them you’re not no going to kill them that leads into reincarnation your body dies but your Atman(soul) doesn’t die. Atman neither takes birth nor it dies. This helped Arjuna's fear to go away!

We also learnt about the meeting of Einstein and Tagore. Where they discussed about true nature of reality. They respected each other’s perspective while differing and complementing one another’s.

That’s what we learnt in the first three classes. I can’t wait for the next seven!

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