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Blog by Dhanishta Joshi 29FEB2020

My name is Dhanishta Joshi. I am a student of Hinduism 201. On New year, I went to Shivam bhaiya’s house. Then I came to know about Hinduism classes.

Then me and my parents discussed about the Hinduism course. On the open day, I and my family went over Scientology church and attended the Open day and decided to join the course.

The first class was on the 23rd of January 2020

I learned some mantras and the importance of Sanskrit language in our life. Some mantras were as follows:

Karagra Vasate Laxmi...

Asato ma Sadganaya...

Ganesh Mantra...

Tvameva Mata ca pita Tvameva...

Shiva Mantra ...

Vishnu mantra...

Gayatri Mantra…

I by heart these mantras at home and felt positive vibrations in my mind.

The second class was on the 2nd of Feb. I learned about the scientists of India.






I learned about Chanakya. I learned how long Hinduism.

The third class was on the 24th of Feb. I learned about Mahabharata a Hindu epic and a Holi book Bhagwat Gita. It is also called" Gita ", written in the Sanskrit language it has 700 verses and 18 chapters.

It is a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna. It is the most famous Hindi scriptures.

I am achieving a lot of knowledge from these Hinduism classes.

I like to go to Hinduism classes. I enjoyed the class, very much.

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