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Blog by Shivam Gupta 09FEB2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This week’s Hinduism 201 course class was amazing. I learned a lot of new things. I realized that a lot of our history and the story of our religion was lost or distorted. First, we started off with quick Vedic maths this can be used for numbers and very handy for numbers between 90 – 110. By using the method, you can answer a question in under 5 seconds. This astounded me to think how they could have found this out and we were told there are still more Sutras. This could help me in the future when I have to do quick maths.

Then we learned about more scientists. I am going to give you brief about them below.

Patanjali who systematized the entire system of Yoga. He wrote a book named as Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

Varahamihira was another well-known scientist of the 1st century he wrote the Brhat Samhita in which he talks about the signs before an earthquake. He was also the first person who found out that Mars has water and iron.

Nagarjuna, Mahaviracharya and Bhaskaracharya were also great scientists.

We learned a story about Chanakya. we learned that he was smart from a young age. He was destined to become a kingmaker and he was a great one too. He united the India as one country and established one rule. He developed the first constitution of this world. He wrote two books, and these are so popular even today.

Afterwards, we were learned about the meeting between Swami Vivekanand and Tesla. They talked about Brahman and the Absolute.

We learned about the significance of the number 108 and 1008. If you were to put 108 moons in a line, then they would reach the earth. If you were to put 108 suns in a line, they would reach the earth. There is more, you can fit 108 Earths inside of the sun.

We also had a break somewhere along the way too.

Afterwards, we also learned about the world's first university Taksha Shila. Taksha Shila was the wealthiest city in India as it was directly situated on the great silk road. Courses covered the field of science, mathematics, medicine, politics, warfare, religion, Vedas, grammar, agriculture, astronomy, astrology, music, dance, surgery, commerce and philosophy.

At last, we also learned about the Surya Siddhanta the book of astronomy which calculated diameter of planets with 5% accuracy. What is amazing that this was written thousands of years back. Indian science was so advanced those days. We learned about Nataraja that is a special pose or dance that lord shiva performs like the Tandav.

I am excited to learn more in Gurukul. Tune in to my blogs and leave a comment!

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