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Blog by Vikalp Negi 07FEB2020

I was attending the 2nd class of the Hinduism Intermediate 201 course. I had learnt many new things in that class such as Vedic Maths. Vedic Maths is a very quick and easy way of multiplication. You do not require a calculator for this method. I have also learnt the significance of the number 1008. If you take average cycle of moon 29.6 days and multiple it by 1008 then you get 82 years. With 2 years of error margin, Hindu scientists (Rishis) of ancient time predicted average life expectancy as 84 years. Humans go through 1008 moon cycles on average in their life.

The other thing that I learnt, is the significance of the number 108. If you were to build a line of suns until you get to the earth. You will end up with 108 suns. Indian scientists already knew this thousands of years ago. This is proof that Indian scientists were more advanced in all branches of science than modern scientists.

I had also learnt about the five qualities of a student.

1) They are efforts of a crow

2) Concentration of a heron

3) Light sleeper like a dog

4) Light eater

5) Ready to leave home.

I will try to adopt these in my personal life. I am looking forward to attend future classes.

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