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Blog by Aayush Sadana 02FEB2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Today in the 2nd lecture on Hinduism and Science of eYogi gurukul we learned something called Vedic math which is a way of doing multiplication and is a very quick technique. Example:92×97=8,924 and it takes just few seconds to calculate using Vedic method. It will take a bit of practice to master it.  I have also learned that if you join a line of moons to earth, it will be 108 moons in the line, if you join a line of suns to earth, it will be 108 suns, and if you fill the sun with earths it will be 108 earths. 108 is known as the scientific number of Hinduism.I learned about some ancient scientists of India like Nagarjuna and Bhaskaracharya. India had produced many great scientists in every field like mathematics, medicine,  sports,  farming,  astronomy and many more. It is India where 0 was discovered on which the whole mathematics is based. It is India where infinity was discovered which describes how big this universe is.I am looking forward to learn more in remaining lectures of eYogi Gurukul in coming weeks.

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